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Workplacer is a
proud Tyro partner

Build the people management platform that works best for your business.

An all-in-one sales, recruitment, rewards and employee benefits platform. Build your business to it’s best success.

From company rewards, brand deals, cashback, special deals and gift cards

Grow your sales with
in-app offers
Build and curate offers to increase revenue in your off-peak times
Hire top talent in your area with attractive perks
Discover leading job-ready talent with Xref accreditation, in your area
Look after the people that make your team tick
Retain your best staff, with in-app rewards and loyalty perks

Workplacer is available exclusively to Tyro Merchants

Workplacer is available for free to all Tyro merchants

Intuitive recruitment.

Workplacer supports businesses in finding quality staff quickly and confidently.

Xref Reveal a job seeker’s references in-app at the tap of a button. Our partnership with Xref means you can rely on references being verified without the need to pick up a phone or deal with an expensive recruiter…

Student Edge Our partnership with Student Edge means businesses can access up to 1.3 million students looking to work full or part-time depending on your business’ needs.

Followers Job seekers or students can follow your business, meaning some of your best customers could become your best team members.

Intuitive recruitment.

Workplacer supports businesses in finding the best staff. Set your location and communicate directly with applicants and followers via the Workplacer app. App coming June 12th

Connect the work/life balance

Staff well-being and growth within the workplace are seeing huge changes. With Workplacer, we’re bringing all aspects of working life under one roof.
Sourcing the right people through to building your TEAM. Workplacer lets you focus on the job at hand while keeping your communication lines open and clear. Retention is indeed a by-product of a consistent and positive approach.

Build lasting teams.

From booking an interview to communicating rewards and incentives with your team. The Workplacer app is your messenger and delivery of good news to your teams. Job seekers can also follow your business to keep up to date with roles and offers.

Work easy.

Workplacer for business is powered by our proprietary Kynect platform. This is where you will be able to centrally manage your business from wherever you need to be - staffing to advertising, it’s all in here.

More value to your bottom line

As a participating Tyro merchant you have access to hundreds of industry-curated bulk deals - meaning businesses can reward and offer the best in market prices. Industry discounts can be offered to grow your audience via other merchant rewards. Start your workplacer journey and see your business grow.


What else do you need to know

Yes! However, you will have to fill out an application and agree to have a Tyro Go on hand for those that request to ‘pay via Tyro’ can. Workplacer will pay all of the direct costs here!
We do! Workplacer is part of a larger community / company that supports enterprise customers. Securely, we promote both your business and your active offers to each audience.
Just like other well known providers, we charge a minimum success fee that we share with our registered Users. You can boost it and/or determine the days that best suit you!
We have built an integrated AI tool to help you curate an available job in under a minute. You can filter applicants by their qualifications, their references and even by their proximity to your venue. What’s next, is already here!
Yes, we have officially partnered with Student Edge and their 1.3m+ Users to provide employment pathways to complement student life. With 70% of these young adults being Uni students.
For all other questions or enquiries contact us today


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